Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Dobby Is So Polite What A Delight!" By Kimberley Kleczka

Bark Of Love is excited to share the latest children's book by Kimberley Kleczka. We have long been fans of her work however having not one but two dogs in this fresh treat earns a blue ribbon from BOL!

Dobby Is So Polite What A Delight is a rhyming children’s book about how a caring brother brings home a special friend called Dobby for his sister. Dobby, is a blue heeler Australian cattle puppy, who is loving, energetic and was placed in a dog shelter. He is very sad as he is all alone and is stuck in a smelly cage. One day he is hoping that he will meet a new buddy and be able to run free and play Frisbee. 

He is so excited when he meets his new friends. He is also introduced to Baloo, who is an older dog from The Netherlands that teaches Dobby manners and how to behave in and out of the house. This is a book about friendship, love and how to fit in with others. Dobby settles in very well with his wonderful family. But he has one habit that he finds hard to stop. Can you guess what it might be? 

Kimberley Kleczka and Dobby!
Kleczka is beloved by children and families worldwide for the brilliant books, music, audiobooks and videos from her edutainment company Koolamundo, which means Cool World. This prolific creator along with her accomplished illustrator Apoorva Dingar have published books in English, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. If that's not enough many of the songs come in a variety of styles!

The Koolamundo website is a virtual playhouse all its own with videos, gorgeous illustrations, sing-a-longs, and sometimes a free book. Plus you'll be up to date on Koolamundo events. For the parent or babysitter this is a treasure trove!

You can get your very own copy of Dobby Is So Polite What A Delight from the website or anywhere quality books are sold. 

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