Sunday, October 30, 2016

Howl-A-Ween or What's Wrong With You People!

I told BigFoot to repost this one from 2010 because you folks still don't get it! Also because I'm insightful and hilarious!

So we overheard BigFoot yappin' about creating Halloween cards featuring me, Parker and Bennie in costumes. The boys got excited thinking it was something special. My mom Edna had a cowgirl costume once, and I some showgirl thing. Sure, it gets you a lot of attention and petting. But lately people have created some ridiculous things to humiliate us for their amusement.

I looked up a few online to show the guys why we would not stand for it this year.
Weiner Dog? So funny we forgot to laugh.
Seriously. Bite me.

Going for the popular primitive dinosaur, eh?
Are you nuts? This will get me a primitive beatdown at the dog park!

Oh, Astronaut Dog. Yeah, somebody's going to the moon.
Buzz leaving a little moon rock in your shoes is a bitch of a payback.

Five gets you ten this member of the force has special ways of putting out fires.

So think hard about this one. Just give us the treats, pet us for our natural cuteness, and then go to your humanoid parties in your ridiculous costumes.